How popular are You? For girls version

Everyone is popular, some of there are popular in heart, in the reality or both. You can Never judge a person with now it looks. The more kind You are, the more friends You Have.

But How popular are You? Can You make it to popular on both reality And heart? It's Starts with a piece of kindness, courage And looks. With this quiz, find out How popular You are!

Created by: Raihanna

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do You wear? (Usually)
  2. How does kost of your teachers rate You?
  3. Pretend You are the least popular girl in school. What do You do?
  4. You got a One hundred perfect score at your test.
  5. Where do You sit at Class?
  6. Pretend your school allows You to bought a Phone. You moved to new school.
  7. What do You believe in?
  8. How many friends do You have?
  9. Pose!
  10. Bye! (Will count)

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Quiz topic: How popular am I? For girls version