I can guess your popularity !

This quiz will show you if you are popular, I'm sire you are and if not there will be a lot of advice coming your way, you are an amazing person but this quiz shows how popular you are judged on your clothes, friends, and you

If you think that popular is when everyone is your slave or you control the school \ your friend group , then you are wrong if you are popular you are someone who is kind nice and confident !

Created by: Beth
  1. Quizzesmusthavebetween10and60questions.Gotit!what clothes brand do you wear ?
  2. What will your friends describe you as ?
  3. How many friends do you invite to a birthday party?
  4. How would you describe your friend group ?
  5. Daily clothes?
  6. Favourite movie?
  7. Your favourite colour ?
  8. Mean or nice ?
  9. Song?
  10. Disney movie ?
  11. Relationship ?
  12. Final question - opinion of quiz

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Quiz topic: I can guess my popularity !