Are you popular?

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did you ever wonder if you were popular or not? well my Quiz will tell you if your popular or not but remember popularity is not always what it turns out to be....

and once you're done remember to leave a like and comment because than maybe you will become popular :3 and i wanna say thanks for taking my test and i hope you like it c:

Created by: Coldfeet52

  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. during school/work do people talk to u?
  3. Do lots of people relay on you?
  4. do people try and make plans to hang out with you all the time? (weekends,week nights,days off. etc)
  5. on online accounts do people follow and and blow up you're phone until you friend them
  6. do people in higher standings or grades know you and are friends with you?
  7. do you have a phone?
  8. how many enemies do you have?
  9. how many friends would you wanna have?
  10. did you like my Quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I popular?