What WWE Superstar Are You? The Ultimate Version

This is the ultimate version of What WWE Superstar Are You? quiz! There are six options, all different people yet all are popular WWE wrestling superstars!

So now, are you the patriotic John Cena, the goat-faced Daniel Bryan, the calculative Triple H, the beastly Brock Lesnar, the creepy Luke Harper or the bizarre Goldust? Check it out and see what you get!

Created by: mrx is back
  1. Your ideal weight class
  2. Your favorite ring name out of these
  3. Your favorite hometown out of these
  4. Your alignment
  5. Your favorite weapon
  6. Your favorite match type
  7. Manager: yes or no?
  8. Preferred wrestling style
  9. Favorite wrestling attire
  10. Preferred entrance
  11. Preferred entrance theme song
  12. Tattoos: yes or no?
  13. Preferred finisher
  14. Preferred signature move
  15. Ideal height
  16. Ideal weight
  17. Your signature catchphrase
  18. Reaction to someone mocking you

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Quiz topic: What WWE Superstar am I? The Ultimate Version