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  • What do u mean im 30% i am really popular. im so popular i have a popular crew, a boyfriend and my ex is chasing after me. and im 30% u must be joking.

    popular1 Dec 15 '15, 4:29PM
  • 70% yay. I'm atleast friends with half of my grade. Most of the girls are my friends. So accurate.

    FairlyBlu Sep 30 '15, 3:07PM
  • hehe... im NOT popular. 52%. happy enough with it. im not gonna make new friends, though. NO ONE LIKES MEEEEEE (except a few ppl my bffs and best guy friends)

    mybfrocks Dec 9 '14, 11:04PM
  • ALSO! I'm kinda an emo. I like emo songs (i like the nightcore'd versions better) and emo colors and emo styles YET I DON'T LOOK LIKE A EMO!

    IceRose1236 Nov 2 '14, 11:00PM
  • "You're doing good, girl! You've got a good group of friends who will stick by you through thick and thin. To jazz things up, try a all-girl sleepover!" is what I got for 81%.

    It's pretty accurate except I CAN'T HAVE SLEEPOVERS! I guess I'm pretty popular in my middle school? Everyone in my grade knows me and despite the guys saying "I'm not your friend!" they talk to me ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME. And I have plenty of friends (at least half of the girls are my friends) so, um, accurate-ish?

    IceRose1236 Nov 2 '14, 10:51PM
  • i am nice u don't know bout me

    rave Jul 13 '14, 9:53AM
  • "You're doing fine. Just maybe try to be nicer...not that you're not nice...I mean, try to make some new friends." You're an idiot. You don't have to be nicer to make more friends, Just make more friends!

    haterofmorons4 Dec 25 '13, 1:09AM
  • 89% is what i got!!!!! It said I was 'Ms Popularity' and that's really incorrect!

    Morgan3929 Sep 3 '13, 4:04PM
  • 15%? lol

    sosoulrec Feb 6 '13, 11:47PM
  • I got 50% No! I should at most be 20 percent! I can't stand popularity!
    Why the hell did I even take this quiz anyway? I already am very happy with my extremely unpopular position in my middle school society.

    Fuk_this Nov 24 '12, 4:15PM
  • 93% what im more of a loner/outcast :/

    DamagedHeart Jul 12 '11, 1:27AM
  • I got 93%!!!! This quiz was really awesome and funny thx 4 making it

    scissors30 Feb 24 '11, 4:31PM
  • 74%....awesome:D

    kneekiki02 Feb 23 '11, 11:47AM
  • You are 78% popular!
    You're doing good, girl! You've got a good group of friends who will stick by you through thick and thin. To jazz things up, try a all-girl sleepover!

    yay, im popular, happy days :]

    Loverebeccah Feb 23 '11, 5:16AM
  • 85%. Well, I'm pretty popular in my class, but overall, in school...well, I just assume everyone hates me. They keep giving me strange looks and whispering about me and my class in general. It's not just me.

    DragonKitty Feb 22 '11, 8:17PM
  • 85% half of the stuff you had on the choices I wouldn't do. I'm more of the silent-has friends-emo/scene girl- that reads a lot- but is well liked by some people

    EragonLover Feb 22 '11, 7:03AM
  • 96%... That makes me happy. =)

    musicgirl Feb 22 '11, 12:12AM

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