How Popular Are You?

There are many people in the teenage world, but how many of them are actually considered popular? What do people call "popular" anyway?? Popularity is hard to achieve. The creators of this quiz are not at all popular, so you can trust us, or you may not. Either way it's still an incredibly awesome quiz, so why not waste 20 minutes of your life taking it? You've got nothing to lose, except maybe those 20 minutes of your life. But anyway, in 30 years, you will regret it if you never take this quiz, so why not save yourself the agony and take it! It will be fun, trust me. If not there's a money back guarantee. Haha, just kidding. We had you fooled for a minute though didn't we?

Are YOU one of the populars? Do you have what it takes to be considered "popular"?Take this quiz to find out! I know there's a million quizzes on this website and you probably get tired of taking them. But give ours a try. We promise it will not cause heart burn, heart attacks, eating disorders, radioactiveness, acne, diarrhea, malaria, obsessive compulsive disorder, man eating bananas, evil flying pigs, spanish speaking llamas, mutant iguanas, or one eyed, one horned flying purple people eaters to attack you.( we hope). So if none of that horrible stuff will happen to you when you take this quiz, why on earth are you sitting there reading all this!!???? You should be taking the quiz, not wasting your time on this!!!!!!

Created by: prerana/megan

  1. Which of the following brands have you worn before?
  2. How Many close friends do you have?
  3. How Many Sort of (don't know them that well) friends do you have?
  4. How many phones have you had in your lifetime?
  5. Do you have an online chatting thingy?
  6. What are you grades usually?
  7. Do you do embarrasing things in public?
  8. Do you text?
  9. Do you say "I lost the game"?
  10. Do wear makeup?
  11. How many different shirts do you have?
  12. How many different knids of pants do you have?
  13. Do you wear belts?
  14. Are you a cheerleader?
  15. Are you on a sports team? (chess and bowling don't count)
  16. Are you a girl/boy scout?
  17. Do you enjoy school?

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Quiz topic: How Popular am I?