How philly are you?

There is no better time than right now to be happy...Happiness is a journey, not a destination. So love like you've never been hurt, work like you don't need money and dance like no one's watching!

Life is too short...grudges are a waste of perfect happiness...laugh when you can...apologize when you should...and let go of what you cant change. Love deeply and for give quickly...take chances...give everything and have no regrets.

Created by: keeshh
  1. Can you recite the entire "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" theme song?
  2. What do you call a long roll filled with various types of lunchmeat and mayo?
  3. Passyunk avenue is prononuced
  4. Is "Yo" part of your daily vocabulary?
  5. Where do you go on New Years Day?
  6. Where is "14th" Street?
  7. (For my South Philly friends) Where did you hate going as a child and you wouldn't go there now if your life depended on it?
  8. (Another for my SP friends) Where did you go every Sunday evening?
  9. Where do you go for Summer Vacation?
  10. Where is the best place to get a cheesesteak?
  11. As a child you had a Birhday cake from...
  12. As a teenager on Saturday night @ 11pm you went to...

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Quiz topic: How philly am I?