HOW PEOPLE SEE YOU (school edition)

this quiz is entirely for fun! try it out! and do leave a positive review... I hope you enjoy taking part in my quiz! also the quiz was made for others to have fun.

Also, the end results will most likely be completely unrelated to your personal life, but if at any means it does make sense... you can use the advice provided to your extent!

Created by: Mili
  1. do you talk a lot in class? ( outside of class )
  2. do you show up on time?
  3. are you often absent?
  4. do you try and skip school?
  5. do you do any extra curricular activities? and if so, which one?
  6. do you play a sport? and if so how many?
  7. what does your desk look like?
  8. do you listen well in class?
  9. are you an extrovert? or an introvert?
  10. do you trust easily?
  11. are people afraid of you?

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