How Overton (Hants) Are You!

There are many fine places in the world that deserve recognition. But one of the greatest secrets is Overton. Welcoming, friendly and with plenty to do.

Overton people are proud of where they live - so I made up a daft quiz to see if YOU are particularly Overton. Questions are there for a laugh. If you get offended then please feel free to complain to the Parish Council.

Created by: Paul Mitchell
  1. Whitchurch is a lovely local village.
  2. Basingstoke?
  3. How many Overton Sheep Fairs have you attended?
  4. Overton Duck Race?
  5. Which of these have you eaten in?
  6. Overton Late Night Shopping?
  7. Wheel Barrow Race?
  8. Combe Gibbet?
  9. Current Local Copper?
  10. Overton Folk Club logo?

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Quiz topic: How Overton (Hants) am I!