how open-minded are YOU?

it's to test your open-mindedness to test to see are you really up for anything. Are you an introvert so closed of from the world or possibilities you really aren't living

all my life i been good but know.i'm thinking what the hell.All i want is to mess around.I don't care about.If you love me,if you hate me, you can't save me any baby.

Created by: Queen21962

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  1. First question: Would you spay paint a building
  2. Would kiss some-one of the same sex?
  3. Would a lap dance to someone?
  4. would you have sex with some one of the same gender?
  5. would you have a threesome?
  6. Would you have an orgy?
  7. o.K So would sneak out of the house to go to a rave party?(a party that lasts till late and usually have drugs)
  8. Would you set a steal money to save a friend?
  9. Would you flirt with a stranger?
  10. Last question: if you could save a life by getting herpes from oral sex and there was a cure but you have to have it for a week all over your face would you do it?

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Quiz topic: How open-minded am I?