How old are you mentally?

There are many people who think they behave like a kind , baby , teenager , middle age or older but are they defently sure???? they won't ever know if they dont try this test! Check it out and YOU will also find out you metal age!

Are you wondering what age are you behaving at?? Are you wondering what your friends think your mental age is at?? Well you will never ever ever know untill you do this GOOD AND CRAZY test about your metal age :D.

Created by: Sanari of How old are you mentally?
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you do in your spear time???
  2. If you didn't see one of your BFF for a LONG time what would you do??
  3. Do you have a boyfriend?
  4. Do you have a girlfriend???
  5. Do you think you will get want to want???
  6. Do you behave more grown up???
  7. Do you have mind full of dolls and stickers?
  8. Do you play on virtual games?
  9. Do you play on ps3 , nintondo dsi etc....
  10. Finall question are you happy that it is the end of this quiz????

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Quiz topic: How old am I mentally?