How old are you?

there are many people that wonder how old they really are. well,now you can find out.are you little(1-10),tween/teen(11-20),adult(21-59),or elderly(60+)?

are you a little kid(1-10yrs.)? are you a teenager(11-20yrs.)?are you an adult(21-59)?or are you an elderly person(60 years old or older)?only you can find is all right ere in this quiz.

Created by: ISABELLE
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your age?
  2. what do you get when you go to mcdonalds?
  3. what stores do you go in when you go to the mall?
  4. what do you think you will get on this quiz?
  5. what do you do on Friday evenings?
  6. what grade r u in?
  7. did you like my quiz?
  8. can you babysit?
  9. can you babysit?

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Quiz topic: How old am I?