How Ohio State Buckeye are you really?

This is a quiz about Ohio state buckeye football. I love the bucks. Hopefully you do too. Some people may consider themselves buckeye die hard fans and not be.

To find out if you are a true die hard fan, take thus quiz. And on Saturday fall afternoons watch football. I do. I love osu foot all. You should too!

Created by: GO BUCKS

  1. Who is the current assistant coach?
  2. Who was the head coach of that team up north in 1980?
  3. J.t. Barrett is #__
  4. Cradle Jones now plays for the...
  5. Woody Hayes referred to Michigan as...?
  6. The head coach since 2012 is?
  7. When someone yells O H you respond
  8. The first hear coach was...
  9. J.t. Barrett is the...?
  10. J.t. Barrett is the...?
  11. The school song is...?

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Quiz topic: How Ohio State Buckeye am I really?