How Often Would Your Dog Win In Dog Shows?

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blardeblardeblar this is boring writing this well have fun on my quiz and have a wonderful beautiful day friend! was that creeper-ish?? yeah it was....

but have fun anyways I am repeating this over and over because no one is going to read this lol hm if you do read this rate this quiz a TEN! hehe just kidding

Created by: AlexTheCat

  1. What dog group is your dog in? :)
  2. Is your dog friendly?
  3. What color is your dog?
  4. Does your dog listen to you well? )
  5. What color are your dog's eyes?
  6. Is your dog healthy? Up to date on shots?
  7. Is your dog long haired or short haired
  8. Is your dog in good shape? (Muscled, not overweight)
  9. In general do YOU think your dog is good looking?
  10. Last question! Does you dog know sit and stay?

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Quiz topic: How Often Would my Dog Win In Dog Shows?