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  • Pretty good quiz, though really should be more focused on the present as some of these questions require years of fangirling which is not necessary to be a big fan.

  • i have never re enacted Javert's suicide when i went to the pool but i will now do so whenever possible ................... ..............also to me it is Javert's ATTEMPTED suicide because he totally lived he did NOT die he cant he's my favorite character, no what happened is when he jumped off the bridge Javert II the magical unicorn flew in, caught Javert and flew away so fast that the camera didn't catch it so they dressed up a sack of flower and a plank of wood and hurled it over the bridge meanwhile the actual Javert was at his house NOT DYING!!!!!!!!

    im a singer 8
  • nice quiz! I loved the question about the pool... funny thing is i actually do that! ha


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