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  • Your Result: 50% Obese

    You are just 10 or 20 pounds away from becoming totally obese. You might of outgrown all of your jeans and have restored to be wearing sweats. Well, stop! If you stay on this road too long, you'll be severely obese! Just get on the treadmill and take off some of that stomach and change your eating habits!

    I most certainly have outgrown all of my jeans ;) BTW : My result was very accurate ;)

  • I just eat all day without stop I never get full people have to bring me my food because I cant stand or walk I just eat and eat Im 100 plus obese Im an eating machine and I enjoy eating and eating unhealthy

    Fatty 102
    • I can walk but I'm gaining a lot of weight and my mom is worried about me

  • Sorry if the result you get was inaccurate.

  • This is very accurate,I got the score of 75% obese but I don’t mind it,I love my size and would never change it!

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