How OB4L Are You?

This quiz tests your commitment to OB3920. Find out if you are OB4L, or just a big fat loser. Which is it, huh? You don't want to be a loser, do you?

What is OB4L? Outback For Life, B----es. Some of you might not know it, but you're here for good. You can try to get away, but you'll be back. Oh yes, they always come back.

Created by: Doug

  1. Do you love Devon Outback?
  2. How many shifts do you work in a week?
  3. Do you come into OB3920 on your days off?
  4. I greet my tables:
  5. Every table is my table
  6. I have quit Outback before
  7. I have returned to Outback after quitting
  8. How many pieces of flare do you wear?
  9. My "concentrated service" :
  10. I accept a decision once it has been made
  11. When I answer the phone, I talk with an Australian accent
  12. "No Rules, _______"
  13. In my free time, I:
  14. Outback is my favorite place to eat, drink, relax, and be with friends
  15. In the future:

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Quiz topic: How OB4L am I?