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  • What a stupid quiz. I really disagree with marking NOVA such a different part of Virginia. Good God. We are supposed to be southern. Loudon Couny is written as LOUDOUN. Who ever made this quiz is only trying to creat more problems between the regions of our state. I was born in Fairfax, and I've lived here all my life. I am in my rights to say that this quiz is totally BOGUS. Virginia is Virginia. PERIOD. (FYI the NOVA regiment was the most strategic and important for the confederacy in the civil war, I personally would have been a southern unionist, but were still the south according to the history books. NOT ALL SOUTHERNERS ARE REDNECKS!)

  • I'm proud to get a 51%! Proud PA Yankee and this place is not the south, but who cares, it's not the north either.

    There should be a question about the lack of proper road signs as many streets are and interections are not marked and you never know where you are. My Great-great uncle was in the Union Cav back in the Civil War and helped burned this place to the ground...maybe they still haven't recovered.

  • @ erin1991: It took you 25 min to drive 7 miles to school?! Are you kidding? It used to take me around 20-30 min to drive just under a mile to get to my high school in the mornings. I am so jealous. My AP Spanish teacher might not have hated me so much if I could have gotten to class that quickly.

    Oh, and I got 91% btw. I was surprised by how low that was. Hah. But then I've lived in Alexandria for nearly my entire life (Saudi Arabia as a toddler...). Yup. I'm a true Northern Virginian. : )

    And FLAT5001 needs to STFU. Just because you wish you lived in the South doesn't mean you need to rant about an amusing little quiz and ruin our fun. Most of us do not wish to be considered Southern and don't view ourselves that way. Don't get mad at us for that. You can be Southern and I can be Northern and we can all just chill the f--- out.

    And also, what's wrong with having distinctive regions between states? What about North and South Jersey or SoCal and Northern California (do they call it NoCal?)? It just makes our state more diverse and last time I checked, that wasn't a bad thing.

  • Im from Richmond and I got 73%. Looks like Richmonders aren't quite as different as some people think. Also, Richmond is not in the south.

  • Sorry SayyWhatsUrName, but you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're," so you're definitely NOT Northern Va.

  • Alexandria is not a county, it is a city. Anyone who knows VA knows the difference between cities counties.

  • I love how all the things are about how much traffic we have(AND THE DEER!!!!!!! O_O ) . it used to take 25 min to drive 7 miles from my dad's house to school at about 7:30 in the morning. but that was back in the 90's don't know how it is now.

  • I am from SouthWest Virginia myself, and I can gladly say, I got 0% on this quiz.

  • Wow. Haven't lived in No VA for 31 years, but I got 100%. I grew up there.

  • Heyyy....I live/waz born in Va sooo dont be tellin me ive never even been 2 Va and your an idoit for sayin im only 7% Va!!!!

  • wtf 20%i live in prince william county idiot

  • wtf, i got 63 and i live in northern va


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