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  • This is the most rasist quiz i have ever taken and plus i live in north dakota and i got a 40% and i know that guy u where talking about and if u dont really think i live in ND i will name u a wierd city Killdeer,ND look i up. BOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Madora279 Aug 20 '15, 7:40PM
  • I'm homeschooled so no my school did not have two ice rinks, and no I didn't join band to go on a ski trip.

    EvaEva Nov 25 '14, 2:40PM
  • Some questions had more than one answer. Those I left blank. My family is mostly German (came to America in 1700 and others in 1839 but I married a Norsk and have eaten both German and Norsk food.

    big mamma Nov 25 '13, 10:24PM
  • Please spell Bismarck correctly.....

    lceinstein Nov 19 '13, 12:01AM
  • It's basically a pretty good quiz but there are a whole lot of places that didn't play hockey, so no two skating rinks. I would like to see the answers and know which ones I supposedly got wrong. We don't get snow 6 months of the year and our really cold snaps don't usually last more then a week or so. Just like the really hot spells in the summer. We are a wonderful place to live.

    meyerangel Nov 16 '13, 8:28PM
  • I want to see answers! Born & raised in ND and only got 80%.
    It depends on where you grew up as to how you answer some questions. ie, no school in my county or nearby had a skating rink. In the east they all do. They also play hockey.

    Prairiegal Nov 16 '13, 3:28PM
  • I want to see the answers. Born & raised in ND & got 80%. It depends on where in the state you grew up as to how you answer some questions. No school in my county or nearby had a skating rink.

    Prairiegal Nov 16 '13, 3:25PM
  • The quiz itself badly needs editing (misspelling, grammar, etc). And many of the choices are not factual but experiential. For example, I didn't go to middle school so there is no "right" answer about the pep club. Lots of kids my age went to a one-room or two-classroom school, grades 1-8. Just for silliness, it's okay, but you did have the chance to offer some valuable information and didn't.

    tobyg Nov 15 '13, 12:26PM
  • 80 percent no lefse lol

    scottz Nov 15 '13, 10:11AM
  • dumb! So where are the answers to know what they truly are and how the percentage is based??

    9OfUs Nov 13 '13, 11:52AM
  • You misspelled "Bismarck." Repeatedly. You also misspelled "inseparable."

    begmuffin Nov 9 '13, 7:14PM
  • Oof-dah! Born and raised in ND and I scored only 74. Must be the years I spent living in New Jersey. Well, I'm back in North Dakota now and love being home for good. All the time I was gone I longed to be back.

    ruralwnd Sep 26 '13, 7:54AM
  • I got 24%. I hate north Dakota... I'm moving out of this s---hole once I turn 18.

    Blondii Apr 28 '13, 12:41AM
  • Mhm North Dakota is a pretty wild state in the winter..... I would know i live here.. Its not as bad as people say it is....And we do learn about the state.

    AwesomeAshlyn Jan 2 '12, 12:01AM
  • great quizz

    elizabethyovnne Dec 27 '11, 7:51PM
  • I thought this quiz was interesting enough....probably a percentage of north dakotans wouldnt know some answers though... sometimes i wonder how many schools actually talk about north dakota

    nerdsbff Oct 15 '11, 10:32PM

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