How nice are you?

There are many kind and generous people, but few are truly 'nice'. Come on, you can't just SAY you're nice, prove it! These different scenarios will see if you're really nice!

Are YOU truly nice? Do you smile through whatever comes you're way, ALWAYS thinking of other people? Thanks to this amazingly 'nice' quality quiz, in just a few minutes you can find out how nice you REALLY are. (Answer truthfully :) )

Created by: Nat Jade

  1. You walk along and see a poor, homeless person sitting by the road. You:
  2. Your friend comes up to you and says, "Can you come round my house later and help me with my homework? I'm really struggling" You:
  3. People consider you to be quite:
  4. Your baby sister is being really annoying- she won't stop hitting you until you play Barbie dolls with her. You:
  5. How much do you love your family?
  6. You and your friend perform a song together- you singing up front and them singing back-up. At the end, you:
  7. You find out you're suddenly a billionaire, and you live in a fairly poor neighbourhood. You:
  8. How social are you?
  9. Given the opportunity to take care of a new girl at school, you:
  10. Why did you take this test?

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Quiz topic: How nice am I?