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  • This is bullcrap. Number 1) I was born and raised in New york .Washington heights..And not everyone is rude. I'm in my 30's. So I probably know New york more than the person who created this .Not everyone who is decent in New york is a tourist..Maybe the person who created it... is : )

    Jessy773 Nov 9 '13, 2:02PM
  • I got a 16% but true I live in the suburbs

    lamya Apr 23 '13, 6:17PM
  • I...Know absolutely NOTHING about upstate. Why can't there be questions for Long Island? TnT

    kittykit Aug 6 '12, 5:21PM
  • i got 28% new york and i am from new york lol.......GO BROOKLYN

    lulugirl Feb 24 '11, 10:01PM
  • yyyeah!!! who new york now!!!

    princessmav Jan 13 '09, 7:34PM

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