How New Yawk are You?

Theres Alot of people that Claim that there from new york. Yeah u might be from there. But are you really a true new yorker? Its not whats on thee outside. Its the insidee. Well lets see how Much of A New yorker you are :)

Are you a New yorker? On the inside? or the outside? Its not always what u see and what you hear about new york. You have to realy know what you are tlaking bout to be considered a true new yorker =] Ansaaa thee questions & you will Find out =]

Created by: angela00

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  1. Whatt Pair of Shoes Would You Rather Wear?
  2. Whatt Pair of Shoes Would You Rather Wear?
  3. Ever Took the Train?
  4. Wheree Doess Thee s79 Bus Takee you?
  5. Ever Ateee New Yorkk Pizza?
  6. Ever Ate A Hot dog From the Oldd Guy Sellin them in tha street?
  7. What Sport Do you Play?
  8. How Do new York Girls Dress?
  9. What is A Guido?
  10. What Food Is new York Famous For?
  11. So, How did you think u diiD

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Quiz topic: How New Yawk am I?