How Nerdy/Geeky are you?

This quiz is good for checking if you are nerdy/geeky!!It, useing its amazing awesomness, will find if you are very nerdy, or if you are the cool kid on the block.Either way, I think both ends of the spectrum are awesome! Plus,nerds are awesome because without them, there would be no computers or phones.

How Nerdy/Geeky are YOU!?! Do you have the guts to see if youre a nerd? Are you just bored? Either way, youll find out in about three minutes!!Remember, if you are a nerd, you may be the next genius and invent a cure for AIDS or another disease that is fatal or create an awesome game or a new game system.

Created by: Justin
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  1. How many movie/game action figures do you have?
  2. Do youre only pair of glasses have scoth tape on the bridge?
  3. How many MMORPGs do you play?
  4. Do you own all the seasons of Star Trek on DVD?
  5. How many girlfriends have you had/have?
  6. Have you ever heard of Rock,Paper,Scissors,Lizard,Spock?
  7. Have you ever heard of Harry Potter?
  8. Do you own a pocket protecter?
  9. Do you like building robots?
  10. How many Nintendo systems do you own?

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Quiz topic: How Nerdy/Geeky am I?