How Myspace Gay Are You?

There are the casual myspace users, then there is me, and hopefully you. Test your knowledge against me and The Great and All Knowing Tom to see if you have what it takes to be myspace lame

Be ready for an examination that will make the SAT's that you took that Saturday morning in highschool hung over seem like a walk in the park. Gab your Miller Lite, and

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  1. Who is the Founder of
  2. How Many Friends Do You Have
  3. How many annoying surveys do you fill out at work when you are bored. I at a friends house stuck in a strange city because of weather. You have no excuse!
  4. How Many Photos do you take at the bar to post on myspace the following morning to help end your hang over?
  5. Take Pistures of yourself to look cool for myspace. These are self inflicted photos not taken by someone else.
  6. Why are you here?
  7. Do you feel the need to post a bulletin to tell people about photos or a blog because your page sucks, and people never look at it anyway?
  8. How many of your friends are there because this is a popularity contest that you failed to meet in highschool or college?
  9. Time spent decking out your myspace to one up others
  10. You Have made a myspace for a non human person

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Quiz topic: How Myspace Gay am I?