How much weight should you lose

so many quizzes are weird and not helpful. i tried my best to put in questions that could work well. Hope you guys like this quiz on how much you should lose weight.

Do you need to lose weight? R u average? R u a chubbo? R u just super confused or very bored? WELL NO MATTER WHAT YOU ANSWERED THIS QUIZ IS FOR U!!!!

Created by: Vanilla
  1. What size clothes do you wear and how tall r u?
  2. does you belky jiggle when you jump
  3. do you have a muffin top
  4. ho would your friends describe you
  5. how many hours do you workout ? (PE COUNTS IF YOU ACTUALLY WORK)
  6. what celebrity do u look like (body wise)
  7. is your waist smaller than your hips?
  8. do u have a thigh gap
  9. do you have cellulite
  10. did you like da quiz it wonr effect your score

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Quiz topic: How much weight should I lose