How much the people, the ones near you, hate you?

"All of us have negative traits that we unawarely show to our friends, and these negative traits could agitate anybody. We smile cordially to our friends but when you turn away they talk a lot of bad things from you, as if they're wicked backbiters."

"In this quiz you'll be stupefied by the result or maybe you'll not, because you know what's the bad part of you. In this quiz you'll accurately know everything about your personality in the eyes of the ones near you. Good luck!"

Created by: reymart sarigumba of this site
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  1. Do you tend to talk too much?
  2. Have you noticed when you enter your workplace/classroom your co-workers/classmates will conspicuously stare at you?
  3. How many enemies do you have now?
  4. Is it difficult for you to reconcile to your enemies?
  5. When you looked upon your friends' faces; are you comfortable seeing their faces like they don't have any patches of hatred at you?
  6. Do you like always to brag about your achievements to your friends?
  7. Have you felt that your classmates/co-workers are just pretending to be nice in front of you, but when you turn away they talk a lot of bad things from you.
  8. Have you overheard a forum from your co-workers/classmates about your bad personality?
  9. Do you think that you're a flexible person, who can relate to your friends' likes?
  10. Do you hate persons that are frank or blunt, when revealing person's flaws or mistakes?

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