How much swag do you have

Swagger you got it if your not for sure take this quiz I did this on my ipod so my hand hurts sO here Issome stuff I will talk about and have nothing to do I love stuff

Same as the last if you read it I have a phone and iPod swag I lLove almost done hand hurts don't care for mistake it getting late need to watch Tv and laugh

Created by: wizzy will
  1. This is mostly for boys
  2. What type of shoes do you wear
  3. Where do you get your clothes
  4. Where do you walk around St
  5. Do you sag
  6. What games do you have
  7. Are you a athlete
  8. Where do you get your shoes
  9. Where do you get your shoes
  10. What movies you watch
  11. How often you get a cut
  12. What pants do you wear
  13. Do you have a girlfriend
  14. Do you play street
  15. Do you play street
  16. If you don't play watered sport answer no if you do put yes if you play lacrosse press lacrosse

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Quiz topic: How much swag do I have