How much Paul McCartney are you?

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Paul McCartney was a member in the famous band The Beatles in the 60's. He was known as ''the cute one''. He is lefty and is mostly seen with a left-handed Höfner Violin Bass.

Are you a real Paul McCartney fan or Paul McCartney himself? Is The Beatles and Paul McCartney the only things you are thinking of? Take this quiz if you wonder how much Paul McCartney you are.

Created by: Emil

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  1. Are you vegetarian?
  2. Do you own an Höfner bass?
  3. Do you like The Beatles?
  4. Do you like wearing costumes?
  5. Are you known as ''The Cute One''?
  6. Do you think Paul is cool?
  7. Chicks can be guitars?
  8. Do you believe that Paul is dead?
  9. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
  10. Do you like the Mop-top hairstyle?

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Quiz topic: How much Paul McCartney am I?