Are you right or left handed?

Did you ever wonder if you left or right handed? Do you really want to know what hand you use the most? Well, being left handed is very rare, even though I’m left handed myself, my writing is not perfect. If you keep writing with your non dominant hand, you may become ambidextrous!

You can find out either if your right or left handed in this quiz. The questions in this quiz are very easy. If you don’t understand one or don’t do one of them, you can skip it or answer the “ I don’t do that “ answer. Have fun!

Created by: Teresa Liz

  1. Are you male or female?
  2. What is your age
  3. What hand do you use to throw a ball?
  4. What do you you use to eat/drink?
  5. What hand do you hold a gun with?
  6. What hand do you catch a ball with?
  7. What hand do you write with?
  8. What hand do you turn a page with?
  9. What hand do you move a mouse with?
  10. What hand do you drum a guitar with?
  11. What leg do you kick with?
  12. What leg do you start a cartwheel with?
  13. What hand do you start a hand stand with?
  14. What hand do you erase with?
  15. What hand do you flush the “ loo” with? 🚽🚽
  16. Did you know that Elmo was left handed?!???!???
  17. Am *i* left handed?

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Quiz topic: Am I right or left handed?