How much of PA is in you?

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Are you a good citizen of Pennsylvania? Do you know anything about it? Do you even care? Find out on this quiz that determines and uncovers the truth!

Take this quiz now! Look at others results and compare them to yours! See how much you care,and how much they don't,or much they care,and you don't!!!

Created by: Mackenzie

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  1. No effect on age or gender :)
  2. The football team "Steelers" is from the city...
  3. Which actor is from PA?
  4. Is PA one of the 13 colonies?
  5. What is the small town nobody has barely ever heard of in PA?
  6. Do you get excitement when you hear the word "Pennsylvania" on TV?
  7. Are you from the greatest state in the US?
  8. Where do crimes MOSTLY take place?
  9. Is PA a great state?
  10. Ready for your result?

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