How much of Heaven In Hiding describes you?

Heaven In Hiding is a song released June 2, 2017 and it was automatically the best song in existence. Not very many people knew about it, but it's amazing.

Now, we come to the time where you must wonder: "Does this song describe me??" Are you wondering that? Well, only the quiz knows, so go ahead and take it!

Created by: lovefrombadlands

  1. Where are you sitting?
  2. What did someone think?
  3. Are you good at fighting
  4. Can you take a beating?
  5. Have you ever felt the rush?
  6. What color do you think a headache would be?
  7. Does blush hurt?
  8. Can you put on a show?
  9. Don't you see what you're finding?
  10. Is this heaven in hiding?
  11. Have you ever looked at me (lovefrombadlands)?
  12. Have you ever almost had a physical fatality?
  13. Have you ever surrendered to the heat?

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Quiz topic: How much of Heaven In Hiding describes me?