how much of an american sports fan are you?

Do you love American sports? Do you never give up on your team? Well, this test will put that to the test. So take my " how much of an american sports fan are you" test.

TAKE THE TEST NOW! I don't know what else to type, beacause I can't use gibberish or repeating characters and I can't mention how many charactars I'm supposed to use.

Created by: Ben Rose

  1. What is your favorite sports
  2. What is your reaction when your favorite team loses?
  3. How much of a die hard fan r u on a range of 1 to 10?
  4. Which football team has the supportive fans? ( more than one answer but you only need.yo choose one)
  5. How often do you watch sports?
  6. Do you have posters or anything like that of your favorite team?
  7. Do you have any clothes with your favorite teams logo on them?
  8. Do have anything in your room with things that have to do with sports?
  9. What does NFL stand for?
  10. What do you do during free time?

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Quiz topic: How much of an american sports fan am I?