How much of a nerd are you?

There are two types of people of the world, normal people (an endangered species) and NERDs! A not so endangered species. Take my quiz and find out! Now!!!

There are two infinite things in the universe. The universe and nerds. I'm not so sure about the nerd part though. Take the quiz an then we'll all know.

Created by: 070085915

  1. What type of glass's do you where?
  2. During your free time you like to do...
  3. Your favorite subject in life is...
  4. If you were in a fight you would...
  5. What would you call somebody smarter than you?
  6. When your friend (if you have any) asks you if you want to play mincraft, what would you say?
  7. What would a nerds symbol be?
  8. What would a nerds lucky number be?
  9. How would a you flirt?
  10. Where would you take your girl or boy friend?
  11. How hard was this pop-quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much of a nerd am I?