How Much Of A Nerd Are You?

This quiz is going to tell you how nerdy you REALLY are. You may be a big big nerd,or a not-so-nerdy queen! Take this quiz to find out! Hope you like it.

In a few minor minutes, you will find out how nerdy you REALLY are. In this quiz you are aloud to let your inner self shine through! Have fun taking this quiz.

Created by: Zane Is Here
  1. Do you like to do math alot?
  2. Do you like to read alot?
  3. Do you like school?
  4. Do you have a lab?
  5. Are you popular?
  6. Do you care about being popular?
  7. Do you speak anything else but English? ( Spanish,Italian,ect. )
  8. Do you think your nerdy?
  9. You you care about clothing?
  10. Thanks for taking my quiz! Bye!

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Nerd am I?