How much of a Nazi are you?

This is a quiz to discover how much you share ideas with the ideology of Naziism, aka National Socialism. Have fun!P.S. these views are NOT shared by the author!

In this quiz you'll be asked 14 questions (not selected in any particular order).This test isn't 100% accurate so don't expect to obtain perfect/desired results.

Created by: -AoA-

  1. Do you agree with this statement?"A state composed of only one race will always be better compared to a multicultural one"
  2. Do you agree with this statement?"Man is not above or below nature, but rather part of it"
  3. Do you agree with this statement?"Jews have too much in modern society"
  4. Do you agree with this statement?"Every population has a right to self-determination, meaning that every race and people deserves, and has a right to, a state"
  5. Do you agree with this statement?"Democracy is a fool's ideology: the average person doesn't have the time nor knowledge for politics, meaning that his political decisions will never be reliable "
  6. Do you agree with this statement?"International Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the Jewish coin. A capitalism based on populism is preferred, to profit the people and only the people"
  7. Do you agree with this statement?"Women and men are equal in the national struggle, but gendered roles exist for a reason. Women are meant to raise children and help the family, the house and children; males should the work"
  8. Do you agree with this statement?"Man is a sculptor; his body is his sculpture and struggle his tool. Therefore, to grow struggling is necessary, and reacting to struggle accordingly is the biggest show of strength"
  9. Do you agree with this statement?"Because of different environments, we evolved differently, and thus races have different characteristics between themselves"
  10. Do you agree with this statement?"If given total liberty, such as under liberalism, people's culture, traditions, food and in general lives would degrade over time, in a continued degeneration of society"
  11. Do you agree with this statement?"The LGBTQ+ community is a fruit of untreated mental illnesses, child abuse, hormone imbalances and enviromental factors, such as growing in a predominantly female family whilst being a male"
  12. Do you agree with this statement?"Immigration is unjustified in all cases, because it causes more harm than good"
  13. Do you agree with this statement?"Living a more rural life would benefit people's lives, both physically and mentally"
  14. Do you agree with this statement?"To prevent people from getting stomped on by corporations and suffering during a financial crisis/recession, the state must intervene in the economy"

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Quiz topic: How much of a Nazi am I?