How much of a Horror movie nerd are you?

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Hello and welcome to the official horror nerd test. I say official but what I really mean is that it’s awesome so be sure to take it. Yeah, I know. People think that being a horror nerd is bad but WHO CARES.

IM A HORROR NERD AND IM OWNING IT. Yeah. See if you can beat my friend’s score of 90%. He’s very into horror tho so good luck! Heheheheheheheheheheheheheh!

Created by: CreativeAugust05
  1. Pennywise the dancing clown is from which movie?
  2. In the horror film, “The Blair Witch Project”, the three students went looking for the witch because...
  3. In the movie “Before I Wake” what blessing put on Cody turns out to be a curse?
  4. Which movie follows the story of a nanny hired to look after a doll which is thought to be a real boy by its elderly parents?
  5. What metaphor does Emelie use in the movie “Emelie” to demonstrate her want for a child?
  6. In what Stephen King novel does an author get kidnapped by one of his fans and tortured until he writes a novel especially for her?
  7. What is the name of the serial killer who has no face except cuts in his head in the shape of a smile?
  8. The horror movie “Children of the Corn” was originally a book written by...
  9. What famous horror series features the song Twisted Nerve in season one?
  10. What feature is the Blair Witch said to have?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Horror movie nerd am I?