How Well Do You Know 'The Witch's House'?

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Many people out there claim to be 'video game nerds'. Are YOU one of them? If so, then how well do you know what happens inside 'The Witch's House'? Enter and take the quiz, if you dare!

You dared to enter 'The Witch's House'! Will you get out alive? Take the quiz and find out if you really are a nerd when it comes to this classic Indie RPG Horror Game!

Created by: Popsicle

  1. Where does Viola wake up at the start of the game?
  2. What/Who does Viola meet after she wakes up?
  3. What is the only item Viola has on her at the start of the game?
  4. What is blocking the way out of the woods?
  5. When Viola enters the Witch's House for the first time, what does the first note she finds say?
  6. How many teddy bears are found on the first floor?
  7. What is the title of the book found in the kitchen?
  8. What color is the butterfly model Viola retrieves in the Gallery Room on the second floor?
  9. What happens to the frog?
  10. Which of these is NOT something used to make sound in the four rooms?
  11. According to the note found on the wall, what color eyes "see the score"?
  12. What flavor of tea is found on the bench in the middle of the fifth floor?
  13. Which type of plants always lie?
  14. Which type of plants carry a pollen that can be used as medicine?
  15. Which type of plant is the most beautiful in the garden and has petals that glow when touched by water?
  16. What color shoes must Viola wear in order to pass through the poisoned hall?
  17. Which of the following is NOT a color of one of the dolls in the doll puzzle?
  18. What two features is the girl found in the Witch's room lacking?
  19. How many endings does 'The Witch's House' have?
  20. Which of the following is NOT a diary entry of the Witch's Diary?

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