Would you Survive a Horror Movie?

There are many smart people in the world. Some are able to survive, others are able to thrive. Sometimes, it means working under pressure, or simply being able to make the right decision. Or perhaps clicking the answers you know are right.

Are you smart? Can you pass this Horror Movie quiz? If you were really in a Horror movie, do you think you really could survive? Maybe this quiz will help you out with that.

Created by: Randomest Kalster
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  1. Your T.V. is blaring, and you're staring blankly at a cartoon. Your phone rings at 12:30 a:m.
  2. Let's say you picked up the phone. Somebody is breathing deeply on the other end. They tell you that they're watching you.
  3. You decide to stay at home. You secure the house, and glance outside. You see a face in the window, watching you.
  4. You call the police, but they don't believe you. After another round of checking the house, your phone rings again. Do you answer it?
  5. You forgot to check a room. There's an open window in it, and the person notices it. You find out that they're trying to get it. What do you do?
  6. The person is inside of your house. What do you do?
  7. You're locked up in the bathroom now. The person is pounding on the door, and then you notice that they're pick-locking it. You have only a couple of minutes.
  8. You manage to escape. What is the area you live in?
  9. You now live fairly far from civilization. You've escaped the creeper for now, but any moment they'll figure out where you are.
  10. You end up attempting to drive to the city. You noticed you are low on gas, and there is a truck-stop with gas. You:
  11. You end up trying to hide there. You explain what's happening to the manager. They don't believe you, but lock the doors and turn off the lights anyways. You:
  12. The person comes up to the door. They look as if they're angry. He breaks the window, and you:
  13. You end up leaving. The man notices, and you have less than a minute to figure out what to do.
  14. You make it to your car, and it starts up. You realized you forgot to get gas still.
  15. You make it to the abandoned warehouse. The door is locked, and the door doesn't look sturdy.
  16. It turns out the door is sturdy than it looks. So you:
  17. You drive off. Civilization is only a half-a-mile away. Suddenly, your car breaks down. You:
  18. (Final Question) Turns out the man had the manager's car. You decide to hide in (The place decides the final points. This could make or break your score):

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