How likely are you too survive my horror movie?

This is not only about your horror movie smarts but about if you can make good decisions and if you could lead yourself into life or death.... Either way your bound to get an answer.

So do you think you have what it takes? Can you survive while death is surounding you? There are a few people that could... and a few people that couldn't.

Created by: Kiki

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  1. Okay so you and your friends are tourists and your visiting a real haunted castle in Italy you and your friends also get to stay the night you go up exploring and you see a shadow...what do you do?
  2. After what you do you decide to go back to bed but then are awakened by a man in a hockey mask with a butchers see him staring at you...what do you do?
  3. You try to warn your 4 other friends there but they just laugh at you...then one of your friends notices footsteps from outside the door and sees a knife from outside the door stab through the door...she locks the doors she also suggests you all hide in the closet...what do you do?
  4. You decide to take the climb for a come to 3 passages...the first one leads to the library...the second one leads you back to your friends...the third way leads to the kitchen.
  5. before you can even make a decision you hear someone's one of your friends!...she leads you back to the room where your friends are... the killer is gone but all of your friends are then hear a call on the phone do you pick it up?
  6. Well before you have a chance to do anything the answering machine gets's a creepy man he wants you to go to the library! and he says if you don't he'll blow you and your other friend you follow his directions?
  7. Well before you go to the library you stop in the kitchen just as you grab the knife you and your friend here someone break in the door!...where do you hide?
  8. You are clutching the knife but you hear your friend peak out the door but see a's the killer!...he pulls you out and drags you by the hair into the notice that he opens a secret chamber and has over 10 alive and tortured people there...including your smell something bad and turn your head to your notice he has a dining table set up and theirs a head on it...he's a cannibal...he ties you up.
  9. You manage to slip through the ropes but you see him coming back he caught you red handed as he approaches you you:
  10. Commercial break! Why do you think you can survive my horror movie?
  11. Okay were back! As you and the others are heading to the big entry door it's locked and all the windows are borded up. What do you do?
  12. Okay you get the door down and sneak out to a giant tour bus grab the keys and you drive...the killer gets up and grabs a bunch of guns and starts shooting at you.
  13. He shoots down the bus with the flamthrower one of your legs are broken and part of your side is badly burned you drag yourself to your cell phone and call the cops you live and the killer is exacuted.

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Quiz topic: How likely am I too survive my horror movie?