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  • I scored a bit higher here than those complaining, but then again, I'm just like they are - native of Georgia. These quizzes are cute, but the questions are weirdly skewed for either very young or very old residents, and then there are those that are meant to be funny, but don't really have a thing to do with being a real native. Most of us from ATL are not terribly southern.

  • Pretty funny! I got 60% though I was born in Dalton. Of course, as my GD yankee hubby says, "I am from the south but not of the south." I like that. So what if I've decided I like to speak well and prefer my tea hot and usually herbal/rooibos. I'm still technically a GA gal, but I'm also my own person. I'd rather change GA to fit me, not the other way around, even if that does mean I end up banging my head against the wall a lot, lol! :) (Also, the funniest thing--my hubby from Erie, PA got a 68%--hahahahaha!)

  • Oh so i have passed through georgia and i aint even from the south? Well thats darn funny since i was born and raised here i havent been anywhere else in my life. I havent even been out of the south while travelin i would like to inform the poor judgement people make of southern people sayin all they do is watch football drink sweet tea and be a redneck and say stuff like yall. And all those people from new york come from nashville put on apair of cowboy boots and a hat and think if they sing a song bout john deer then they are country! I hate football and i dont drink hot tea i drink sweet tea! And aint nowhere near a redneck

  • Got 43%. They said I'd past through GA a couple of times and that I wasn't even a southerner. They wrong about the passing through. I've lived in GA my entire life(and hate it. But they are right about me not being a southerner. My dad may be a southerner, but my mother is a born and raised Northerner and she raised me to be just like her. Love the North!

  • Notice everyone complaining about the quiz and claiming to be "born and raised in Georgia" can't type, spell, and form a sentence? Hell one guy tried correcting his comment, with another comment and failed at that as well.

    Go Georgia!

  • I was born and raised in Georgia, I took this quiz for fun and go 56%. I knew "Go Dawgs" was going to be up there, but Im not that interested in football like that. Some of the questions on the quiz were good, but some of them need to be changed, b/c a Georgian can be offended, by some of these questions just so you know. Nice try though.

  • Geez! Is it true all Georgians are dumb as bricks? You're being compared to the stereotype, fools. And apparently lying, as you don't meet it, then totally fail to get the point. Please PLEASE let me move back to SC where the rednecks have brains!

  • I rated at 67% Georgian and I was born in Georgia and have lived here all 47 years of my life. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents and beyond are all Georgia natives. How much more Georgian can you get. Terrible quiz

  • Lmao. I apparently need to go back to New York. I'm born in Tennessee but raised in Georgia! I hate georgia though, and I am a democrat. This is pretty good and I didn't feel offended at all. I can't wait to get the heck out of here though.

  • Um... I got 19%?! I was born in Georgia than you! We say tah-may-toe and tah-may-ter does it even matter? I'm a Georgia peach for your info! And how ya supposed to know what rapper came from Georgia? Explain please!! And BTW john Deere is a tractor name and its printed on clothes and anything!

  • I was born and reared in Murray County, Georgia. I have lived in Murray county 54 of my 70 years.Maybe the person who created the quiz is one of them yankee fellers and just doesen't know as much about Georgia as he thinks he does.

  • I was born and raised in south Georgia I've never left this state and i got 20%, whoever made this quiz apparently doesn't know Georgia that well, we also say tomato like ta-may-tah.

  • I was born in the north and raised in the south and I got 18%, my friend that lives in Tennessee and only lived here for five years got 50 something.... Am I missing something?

  • K, first off, you ain't from georgia. "Bless his/her heart is what people say about stupid people w/o hurting them." I don't live in the country, And I was only north of virginia twice. ATL REPRESENT

  • 60%? Are you serious? I AM in Georgia right now! I'm only 12, I don't know any history from Georgia! This is more historian then a real Georgian quiz.

    I Forgot My Name
  • 28%! really! Im an ancestor of James Oglethorpe and i do not approve of this guiz. I have and my ancestors except james and his wofe himself and herself were born and raosed in georgia and just because i dont talk siuthern dosent mean im not a southern person. Yes i talk like im from Nevada but whp f---in cares

  • WTH? I'm in GA right now! I've lived here for 6 years. Woooooow. . . I think you're from Maine or something! There's a whole lot of rednecks, chicken, tractors and four wheelers here, dude!

  • whomever wrote this could have at least included the Georgia Dawgs in the list of football teams.. hell, when it rated me and said watch the 'Dogs' kick the Gators ass, they messed up. Should've said Dawgs! Now I take offense at that

  • Seven percent? You've got to be kidding. I was born, and still live, in Georgia. Whoever made this quiz doesn't know much.

  • From New Jersey and forced to live in Georgia 15 years now...40%..OMG, am I being assimilated, absorbed, drawn in to the mayhem....I think NOT!...shove your test...Jersey rules!

  • I was born & raised in Georgia as were my mom and dad and I rate only 57% as a Georgian!?!

    Oh well, what the heck! I love Georgia!!!

  • I'm insulted! 44%. Ain't even southern. If I ain't southern then what am I? Surly not yankee.

    lol found this amusing.

  • I truly take offense at the Confederate "b------s" comment. The ONLY b------s I know of are from a little further north. Probably where you are from. I am from North Carolina and got 59%

  • Born and raised in Georgia, got 23%? Fishy...

  • This is so interesting! I rated an 85%! I have only lived in Georgia for 6 yrs! I guess I'm a fast learner!


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