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  • You are 39% GEEK

    Your a try hard Geek you can't actually use a computer you just play games and download music your going to get nowhere in life.

    Your face is gonna get no where in life.... but what does playing Halo have to do with being a geek? I bought that and dont even play it anymore, got bored with it in a month, it sux ass... But yea, that sounds like me, DL music is all I do.

  • "you can't actually use a computer"

    lol, that's quite fun when you know it's my job and have been for 10 years in several fields (network, programming, telecom, maintenance...)

    I guess it takes a true geek to make a geek test.

  • 33%..I thought I would've gotten a higher percentage :D

  • 72% :D


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