How Much Of A Drag Queen Are You?

There are many drag queens in this world. You can see if you are one of them! Really, just take the's all in fun! If you are, GREAT...if you are not, there's room for improvement!

I hope you like this quiz. It is fun and tongue in cheek. So, take it, will you? Also, check out my other quiz "Which Dead Celebrity are You?". It's all about fun, so have FUN!

Created by: T.S.

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  1. What does the term "picking grapes" refer to?
  2. Define the following three things with one term: Kaboodles, train case, tool kit.
  3. When a drag queen doesn't know the words to a song, she repeats this phrase:
  4. What does "tuck" mean?
  5. If you are dancing, how do you keep your earrings on?
  6. How do relax before going on stage?
  7. What is an "enterage"?
  8. Who is Donna Summer?
  9. Out of the six possible answers, what is your favorite song of all time?
  10. What would you do if your best friend said, "I want to perform on stage as the opposite sex?"
  11. Last Question...are you homosexual?

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Drag Queen am I?