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    NOTACUCK Oct 23 '18, 2:14AM
  • I'd rather be a cuck then a stupidhead who wrote this

    stop beingahater Sep 27 '18, 10:58PM
  • id rather be a cuck then the crackhead who wrote this lmao

    bedofroses Sep 27 '18, 3:48AM
  • I only have a Cuckdom level of 8% if this quiz is accurate.

    If this test isn't accurate, I'd undoubtedly have a Cuckdom level of 0% since I hate multiculturalism, diversity, and integration as it's incompatible with our tribal nature as human beings.

    We, humans, are a tribal species, designed to be segregated amongst our own biological tribes and away from others.

    Amelioration Jul 29 '18, 4:38PM
  • This is a good quiz, better than most of the political ones that I've taken. Is a libertarian considered a cuck? I thought it was just conservatives. Ah well.

    sonofthunder73 Jul 17 '18, 4:06PM
  • go back to 4chan

    jessrond Mar 30 '17, 11:57AM

    Rockcroc2000 Aug 20 '16, 3:44PM
  • This guy needs help

    Saara_K Aug 15 '16, 6:42AM
  • onision sent me here

    scolionophobia May 11 '16, 11:48PM
  • I got 34%. idk if that's good or bad??

    amiacuck May 3 '16, 9:38PM
  • My percentage was 53 and it said "CUCK. You are thoroughly cucked. Please remain where you are until your free helicopter ride arrives." Im not really sure what a CUCK even is so whatever.

    CRAZZYWOMAN Apr 19 '16, 9:37AM
  • I still don't know what that means... xD

    Seawingz Feb 26 '16, 9:29PM
  • You people it's upto god when we die

    Iqbal88241 Feb 22 '16, 1:23PM
  • Sorry but what's exactly a cuck??? I couldn't understand the quiz description so...WHAT IS A CUCK????

    Deadbush123 Feb 1 '16, 11:00AM
  • I'm 0%! Yay! I am educated and a Republican! Yay I also believe in a higher power! Yay I'm happy! I'm also 12 years old.

    Luna4444 Jan 28 '16, 7:57PM
  • Your mom (and dad) is a cuck.

    Nigg Jan 28 '16, 1:22AM
  • we wuz kingz n s---

    t. alberto barbosa

    alberto barbosa Jan 19 '16, 9:38PM
  • I got 0% cucked on the test. There were some questions where I felt every option given wasn't extreme enough like "A country should care for its own people before letting outsiders in." is the best choice we have for "What are your views on immigration?"?

    Y ou kidding me?

    We should NEVER let outsiders in, EVER, even when we've resolved all our problems and achieved utopia.

    Immigrat ion simply should not be allowed at all. No non-whites should ever be allowed to settle within a white nation.

    Fringe Wizard Jan 19 '16, 9:01PM
  • assburgers is a socialist cuck

    t. obongo

    0b0z0 Jan 19 '16, 8:44PM
  • The cucks in the comments are the ones that keep doing the chain letters! Plz just stop. Take my quiz that is against the chain letter and find out who started them and why.

    O1Awesomeness Jan 19 '16, 6:21AM
  • Everyone in these comments are cucks

    Jazukai Jan 18 '16, 7:48PM
  • everything about this is disappointing

    aaaaaaaaaaaaa Jan 18 '16, 11:07AM

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