How much of a Big and Rich fan R U

Ah Some many Fans. Are you one? A Big and Rich fan that is. see how much you know about thease 2 cool guys. What is a Fan? someone devoted to their music superstars aka Big and Rich. find out now if you are an Amazing Big and Rich fan or the fan that only knows "Save a Horse..." and that's as far as it goes

Are you a Big and Fan?? See how much of a fan you really are. Take this quiz. Crazy questions only a true fan would know. Find out now if you're an Amazing Big and Rich fan or a Lamo Big and Rich fan. Take this quiz NOW!

Created by: amanda
  1. What year did John and Kenny met?
  2. What was the first song they came out with?
  3. What Song put them on the map? (made them known)
  4. Who's better? John or Kenny?
  5. " I Pray For You" is just on
  6. What's John Rich's dogs name?
  7. What's Big Kenny's son's Name
  8. John's Favorit rock band is
  9. Big Kenny says ?
  10. How Did John and Kenny met?
  11. What's The name of their book?
  12. Do you know who J.MONEY is
  13. Big Kenny like's Beethoven or Mozart
  14. When is John's Birthday?
  15. When's Big Kenny's Birthday?

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