are you supposed to be rich?

there are many rich people, but honestly, do they deserve it? being rich, after all, has a lot of different meanings. these meanings vary from money, to friends, to food!

are you supposed to be rich? do you have the willpower to work to be rich? do you deserve this precious title? in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: katherine
  1. when you go to the mall, do you HAVE to go to multipul stores?
  2. when you order the pizza, do ask everyone what they want, or just order?
  3. when you and a TON of friends are at the mall, do you hold the door?
  4. when you need help with home work you:
  5. when you need help with home work you:
  6. it your b-day you:
  7. after your b-day, you have a ton of money from cards you:
  8. you love lip gloss! your favorite flavor is:
  9. your fav animal is:
  10. you loe more of _____ on your clothes:

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Quiz topic: Am I supposed to be rich?