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  • i only got 58% :( this was a great quiz though! :D

    hofner bass Mar 16 '14, 6:01PM
  • 100% WUAJAJA

    Beatlemaniac Dec 29 '13, 3:31PM
  • Only got 73%. Like jprg didn't know the background stuff.
    Did rubbish on the rock quiz,but that's because rock died with the Beatles.

    Mathswizard Nov 26 '13, 6:18AM
  • I got 100%, I literally am OBSESSED with the Beatles. That is all I have on my iPod. I own whey song published by them too

    JohnLennonLover Aug 17 '12, 9:06PM
  • i got 100 percent because i only listen to the Beatles and i have tons of Beatles books :)

    johnlennon May 5 '12, 9:48AM
  • i love ringo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

    werewolf of dark Apr 11 '12, 8:02PM
  • F5

    webby121314 Mar 21 '12, 7:06PM
  • Man i love this crap man but can some 1 pllz make a quiz of ringo I love him:):)!!!

    Rlover Feb 23 '11, 1:31AM
  • Why did i take dis quiz?The beatles suck.That makes me kewl cos i hate hippies and rock isnt kewl xD

    CaLiFoRnIa Mar 25 '10, 8:11PM
  • Def vanessa1022. He's only been dead since the early 60s.

    theriotrules Feb 2 '10, 6:18PM
  • the 5th beatle is stu sutcliffe i should know im his wife

    vanessa1022 Mar 5 '09, 10:30PM
  • jprg is right. But I did well...70% I think..

    RockerLover Feb 25 '09, 3:26PM
  • This quiz is supposed to be about the Beatles, not the surrounding background.

    jprg Jan 13 '09, 10:18PM

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