how much like gerard way are you

this is a quiz to see whether you have things in common with gerard way if you do then one day you could be friends if not one day he may want to slap you

you could be like gerard but youll never know unless you take this quiz will you? so come on try my quiz you could find out something new about yourself

Created by: beck mccraken

  1. do you know alot about gerard?
  2. do you believe that tarat cards really work?
  3. do you have an interest in serial killers?
  4. what is the best lyric?
  5. whats your faviourt type of cheese?
  6. do you like comic books?
  7. do you think lyn-z or bert mccraken are hot?
  8. which is the best band?
  9. which is the best song?
  10. what star sign are you?

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Quiz topic: How much like gerard way am I