How Much Like Cameron Are You?

This Quiz Will Show You How Much We Have In Common You Will Reveal Your Results At The End Of The Quiz And Don't Forget To Rate When Your Done Hope You have A Good Time

Hope This Quiz Will Make You Happy I've Been Creating A Couple Of Other Quizzes Too For Example Which Character Of The Cottontails Are You,Which Of The Conwells Are You,And Which Adventure With The Conwells Character Are You Just To Name A Few Hope You Have Fun And Get Results

Created by: Cameron Mattice

  1. Do You Absolutely Love Pink That When You See Pink Its Like Your In A Trance
  2. Do You Actually Like Shopping
  3. Do You Like To Play With A Doll
  4. Do You Like Barbie
  5. Do You Enjoy Football Or Baseball
  6. Do You Have Long Or Short Hair
  7. Do you Like Painting Your Nails
  8. Do You Want People To Think Of You Very Pretty And Beautiful And Your Very Prim And Perfect
  9. Do You Have Lots Of Imaginary Friends
  10. Do You Have Excellent Night Vision
  11. What Is Your Hair Color
  12. Have You Ever Wanted To Go To New York City
  13. Do You Really Want To Be Famous
  14. Are You Male Or Female
  15. Have You Ever Created A Quiz
  16. Do You Watch A Lot If TV Shows
  17. What's Your Age Range
  18. Do You Like Temple Run
  19. Do You Like Slime
  20. Have You Ever Had That Dream Where Your Assigned To High School But Then You Wake Up Sadly To Realize It's Not True
  21. Is Your Father Considered A Mean Person
  22. Do You Like Math
  23. Have You Ever Been To Maine
  24. Have Your Parents Ever Been To Mexico
  25. Has Your Parents Or One Of Your Parents Ever Been To Spain
  26. Do You Like A Lot Of Disney
  27. Do You Do Good At School
  28. Do You Know A Christopher
  29. Do You Often Wake Up Before 7
  30. Does Your Grandpa Often Sleep Until The Afternoon
  31. Do You Like Fashion
  32. Do You Listen To Patsy Cline
  33. Do You Listen to The Beetles
  34. Do You Have A Family Member Above The Age Of 95
  35. Do You Like Princes And Princesses
  36. Did You Know How To Spell Your Name In kindergarten
  37. How You Had Perfect Attendance More Than One Year In a Row
  38. Do You Easily Get Emotional
  39. Do You Ever Cry In Bed
  40. Do You Like The Incredibles
  41. If You Said Yes To Question 40 Which One Of These Characters Do You Like The Most
  42. Do You Often Have Insomnia
  43. Do You Have A Loyal Dog Above 6 That Protects Your House
  44. Do You Listen To The Beach Boys
  45. Do You Like The Big Bang Theory
  46. If You Said Yes To Question 45 Which One Of These Big Bang Theory Characters Do You Like The Most
  47. Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal From When You Were Little
  48. If You Had A Choice Would You Rather Eat Chips Or Eat Pizza
  49. Have You Ever Went To Canada
  50. Have You Ever Been To Bethany Beach Delaware
  51. Have You Ever Been To The Falls
  52. Are You An Only Child
  53. Do You Have Cousins
  54. Have You Ever Had A Dream Where The World Turned Into Raspberry
  55. Do You Ever Get Sad About Something But Your Tears Won't Come Out
  56. Have You Ever Been Sad So Much That Your Heart Starts To Just Hurt Even When Your Happy
  57. Have You Ever Got Staples Put Into Your Head
  58. Do You Have Friends
  59. Have You Ever Drank Orange Juice
  60. Have You Ever Thought About Time Traveling

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Quiz topic: How Much Like Cameron am I?