How much French do you know?

French. A beautiful, widely spoken language across the world. But it is quite complex to learn. Have you learned this language? Have you studied well?

Did you make it through the first paragraph, saying yes to all of the answers? Good. Now go study some more. Done? Think you know your French? Take this quiz!

Created by: nmoc

  1. What does pourpe cornicon mean?
  2. What does dix means?
  3. What does doigt mean?
  4. What does demain mean?
  5. What does e`couter mean?
  6. What does belle mean?
  7. What does l'eau mean?
  8. What does tarte mean?
  9. What does orignal mean?
  10. What does traduire mean?
  11. What does cheveux mean?
  12. What does sentier mean?
  13. what does nom mean?
  14. what does nom mean?
  15. What does fee mean?
  16. What does chercher mean?
  17. What does graves mean?

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Quiz topic: How much French do I know?