French Polynesia Quiz

French Polynesia is a beautiful country in the South Pacific Ocean! How much do you know about it? Find out now! =D In this quiz you'll learn some interesting facts about French Polynesia! I made this test to see if people know much about this beautiful country!

Are you ready to travel to French Polynesia? =D This test will show how much people know about French Polynesia, and I hope that many people will participate!

Created by: Rinaldis David
  1. How many archipelagos does French Polynesia have?
  2. The capital city of French Polynesia is?
  3. Which is the biggest island in French Polynesia?
  4. Is Tahiti a modern island?
  5. Has Tahiti got highways?
  6. Does Tahiti have lakes?
  7. Does French Polynesia have its own horse breed?
  8. Can you access every island in French Polynesia?
  9. What's the native language of French Polynesia?
  10. Which continent is closer to French Polynesia, South America or Australia?

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